Pokémon TCG Online .APK Update Download

Download the newest Pokemon TCG Online .APK update for Android phones & tablets. The new .APK file was ripped directly from the Google Play Store. You can download the .APK to manually install Pokemon TCG Online to any Android device (including your phone).

Since Pokemon TCG Online is optimized for larger screen devices, the app  is only available for tablets, however, you can now download and sideload the .APK to play Pokemon TCG Online on your Android mobile device!

Latest Pokemon TCG Live .APK Download

Updated Size
June 18, 2024 134MB
Current Version Requires Android
1.15.0 9.0 and up
The Pokémon Company International

Latest Pokemon TCG Online .APK Download

Updated Size
January 13, 2023 48MB
Current Version Requires Android
2.95.0 4.1 and up
The Pokémon Company International

Pokemon TCG Online .APK Installation

1. Turn on UNKNOWN SOURCES under SETTINGS and SECURITY (the location of UNKNOWN SOURCES may be different depending on Android version).

2. Download and open the Pokemon TCG Online .APK file. Now tap INSTALL.

Pokemon TCG .APK FAQ

Why is Pokemon TCG Online not available in the Google Play Store?
If you try to download Pokemon TCG Online from the Google Play Store from a phone, you will either A. not be able to find the game or B. see Your device isn’t compatible with this version. This is because Pokemon TCG Online is only available for tablets.

Can I install Pokemon TCG Online to my Android phone?
Yes, you can simply download and install the Pokemon TCG Online .APK file to your Android phone or any Android device.

Why am I getting a PARSING ERROR when I try to install Pokemon TCG Online .APK?
You are getting a PARSING ERROR because your Android version does meet the required version to run the game. Check the required Android version and make sure your device meets the minimum version.

Is the .APK file safe to install?
The .APK was ripped directly from the Google Play Store and is original.

How well does Pokemon TCG Online run on mobile phones?
The game UI was optimized for tablets therefore it may be difficult to fully enjoy the game on your mobile phone.

How do I update the game?
Simply download and install the latest .APK file.

There’s a newer version of Pokemon TCG Online. When are you going to post the new update?!!?!
We usually upload the newest .APK within a couple hours after the release, however if it has not been posted yet, please leave us a comment below and we will try to upload it immediately! Sorry for any delays.

Are you affiliated with The Pokémon Company International?
We are not affiliated or associated with The Pokémon Company International, Pokémon TCG Online, or any of its subsidiaries. We are a fan site that provides the original .APK file ripped directly from the Play Store for users who want to play the game on their phones or other devices.

Have any other questions? Leave us a comment below.

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